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Babui Eco-Resort offers our guests a wonderland of places to explore and things to do.


Beach Walking
Beach walking is an activity that can occupy you for hours. Yours footprints can be the first on the kilometers of sandy beaches fringing beautiful Bay. Alternatively, take a walk through acres of native bush land.

Trekking in Moheshkhali Island is an exciting adventure that gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the amazing beauty of Bangladesh's natural areas. Both locals and visitors of Bangladesh enjoying the many hiking trails on offer - through the hills, beneath shady forest canopies, beside rivers and across the mangroves, there are numerous opportunities for  hiking in Moheshkhali Island.

You can buy daily life goods, gift items, books, local crafts and traditional items on our own souvenir shop; you can also go to tribal village, here you find handmade textile and many craft items.

You can learn local culture, how collect battle leaf; Planting salt & shrimp; Tribal handmade textile item made by handloom; Bamboo, Cane, Mud and others craft making; Drying fish and storage; Fishing; Traditional cooking etc.

You can join our Eco Volunteer Club. Volunteering is the best way to get the experience you need, and to meet the people you need to get a job in the environment. In fact, it's practically the only way. More importantly, volunteering helps you figure out what you actually want to do, and you get to meet completely amazing people along the way, not to mention help the planet.

Bird watching
Bird watching can be as simple at Sonadia, as feathered friends frequently drop in. For the more avid birdwatcher, the grounds and beaches or our resort host many species of bird life at winter season. A field guide is available from reception.

Enjoy the outstanding water activities in the Sonadia Island and other Islands nearby by use our private boat ramp to explore many islands by our mini country boat you can grate time passing in our own lake.

The weather adjacent to the resort has yielded many a fish to the keen angler and amateur. Fish from the beach, or launch your own boat. If you travel to the Bakkhali River & Moheshkhali Channel, it is reputed to be full of fish and mud crabs. You can enjoy personal fishing in our lake area. Join our fishing club & enjoy fishing for yourself.

Festival & Party
You can enjoy Festival & Traditional Program round the year e.g. Bengali New Year Program, Full Moon Party, Adinath festival, Water festival, Boli Khela, Nobanno festival and many more Festival, Tribal and Traditional Sports and Program.

Transport Hire
We can arrange transport or boat hire for reasonable site seeing. You will find mangrove forests, hilly areas, salt field, Adinath Temple, Buddhist Pagoda, you can enjoy a full day sight seeing with visit Sonadia and other closer Islands. In the morning you can start from our resort, spend time to watch Moheskhali’s tourist places, take lunch on Café 69 and you can visit Sonadia and other nearby Islands where you can sea the live fishing & fishermen lifestyle;

Group sports
If you have the numbers, we have some beach sports Equipment which is available upon request. 

Head out along the beach in either direction to find a private place for a picnic, or watch the sun go down. Picnic packs are available.

 and many more...